Facebook Advertising Case Study

Target; 1,000 subscribers, 1 month

FireComps is a UK competition based website offering unmissable prizes with low odds. Before they entered the market they wanted to attract 1,000 subscribers who would sign up to their mailing list for a free voucher to spend once the website officially launched a month later. What we did;

We employed Facebook advertising to get FireComps kickstarted, the key was split testing ads to find the best ad format, audience and the ad with the lowest cost per acquisition. Further to this, we were trying to engage with a completely cold audience that had no time to be warmed up with other ads. We also had to be mindful of various regulations we had to comply with on Facebook due to their rules on money gambling.

We managed to attract over 1,000 subscribers within 3 weeks. The results were;

1,000 + subscribers
3 weeks
£0.34 cost per acquisition