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The underrated social search platform with huge potential. Drive traffic, sales & brand awareness with organic and paid advertising on Pinterest with Bagel Digital.

Pinterest Marketing Agency

Pinterest is one of the most misunderstood social media platforms. But it’s one I can guarantee you aren’t using effectively. Pinterest can be a huge traffic, and sales driver for businesses, bloggers and online stores.


Pinterest is a visual search engine, it has 444 million active users per month. Pinners use Pinterest to plan – what they’re going to wear next, what they’re going to cook, how they’re going to decorate their home and so on. If you understand how Pinners use Pinterest and it fits with your business, you shouldn’t spend one more moment longer not maximising your efforts on this platform.

CASE STUDY: 100 Clicks Per Day To 1.4K

We 10x this online interior publications Pinterest traffic in a 6 month period in 2023, from 100 clicks a day to over 1.4k clicks a day! They are now reaching nearly 40K outbound clicks to their publication every month.


The power of organic Pinterest traffic is incredible, no paid advertising was used to generate this traffic. Take a look at the full case study to see how we achieved it.


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Pinterest growth

Are you ready to create some serious growth from Pinterest?

We are a Pinterest marketing agency who have achieved serious growth for a range of clients across different industries. The market, and Pinners are waiting for you today! Simply fill in your details and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

    Pinterest is a visual search engine, yet keywords play a huge role in your visibility. Keywords are pretty much used for everything on Pinterest.

    Pinterest advertising is one of the best ways to grow your audience and sales. It's the most authentic place for shoppers to convert as people come to Pinterest for discovery, but leave decided.

    You can't post one pin and expect success. Consistency and a pinning schedule will help you achieve your goals over time.

    We understand that your business is your baby and you might not want to let go of the helm. We can provide a full Pinterest audit and strategy to arm you with the knowledge you need to go after that success.

    You need to be pinning fresh, and organic pins daily in a range of formats to grow. Repinning other people's pins won't help you grow.

    If you have a product based business, you NEED Pinterest shopping and to get yourself verified. We can help get you setup and advertising your products in no time.

    Pinterest Marketing Agency

    Why Pinterest

    We are a Pinterest marketing agency based in the UK working with clients worldwide. We are hugely passionate about the growth that we have seen first hand achieved on this channel. Yet it’s one that many businesses still don’t use. Take a look at one of our Pinterest case studies where we crunch some big numbers! In case you need anymore persuasion, this is why you should be doing Pinterest marketing for your business;

    It's a visual search engine
    444 million monthly active users
    Content does not decay after 24 hours, it could go viral 6 months later after being posted
    It creates passive traffic
    Pins get you more inbound links
    Pinterest drives traffic & sales