Organic Pinterest Traffic Case Study: 100 Clicks Per Day To 1.4K

If you’re not already using Pinterest to diversify your traffic sources or grow outbound traffic to your website, this case study is for you.

In January we took over the Pinterest for an online interiors publication based in the UK. Whilst their main goal here wasn’t e-commerce related in terms of product sales, they wanted to diversify their traffic sources having heavily relied previously on organic traffic from Google which made them vulnerable to Google algorithm updates which have been ever more frequent in 2023 (might I add).

In January they were getting around 80-100 clicks per day, here’s what happened next…

Clients Goal

Client: Sleek-chic Interiors

To increase organic traffic, they wanted to engage in an organic Pinterest strategy, with no paid advertising. More eyes on their content = more advertising revenue.

If you are in the niche website space, RPMs are much higher from Pinterest traffic too, it’s a win win.

What We Did

The account had already been established for a little while, but it had no consistent pinning strategy and no pins that really brought in a lot of impressions or outbound clicks.

We live and breathe Pinterest at Bagel Digital, having our own very successful personal accounts on the platform along with working with a range of clients, we know how often this platform changes and adapting our strategy as necessary is key to growth, and survival. This is what we did over a 6 month period;

  • Optimised the account – updated the bio to include keywords that people search for on Pinterest in relation to the type of content they share from their website.
  • Archived any boards that had been vacant for a year, or wouldn’t be pinned to in the near future. Optimised all titles and board descriptions based on keyword research undertaken on the platform.
  • Pinning strategy – this was one of the key elements to the growth, we created 10 fresh pins (original content not already existing on Pinterest) per day, 7 days a week targeting different URLs. We shared a mixture of templated pins, graphics, standard static images and video. We were sharing 1 idea pin a week, as of November 2023 just to note idea pins are merging with static pins.
  • Keyword research is everything. We undertook keyword research for each pin we shared so we could ensure we would hit the right searches, at the right time.
  • We utilised Pinterest trends to target topics in advance of trending so we could be ranked at the top of those searches before the main traffic searches kicked in.
  • Regularly utilised Pinterest analytics to see which content was performing best, and we doubled down on this

The Results

Over a 6 month period we achieved some pretty impressive results, the proof is in the pudding so to speak;

  • We 10X’d the traffic from 100 clicks per day to over 1.4k clicks PER day
  • Nearing 40K outbound clicks per month
  • Impressions grew 55% to 3.6 million impressions per month
  • Saves (whenever someone repins your content to their board) weren’t an important metric for this client, but it proved that the content was being loved and was shareable which increases our reach. Saves increased from around 120 saves per day to 500+ per day, and growing

Here are some pretty tasty looking graphs, we think numbers are great, but real graphs that show what we did speaks volumes.

Pinterest organic traffic growth
Pinterest organic traffic growth

We have achieved incredible results for this client in 6 months, but we’re incredibly excited about what the next 6 months brings for this client with Christmas around the corner, and a lot of our content geared up towards this season. Be sure to check back as we update this case study next year.

If you’re looking to diversify your online traffic sources and wondering when to start, it was yesterday. If you’re interesting in exploring how Pinterest might work for your business and niche, please get in touch, we love to talk Pinterest! If you’re looking at ways to start growing your traffic yourself, head over to our post on some of the best ways to drive organic traffic from Pinterest.