Expert Shares How Many Pins Should You Pin A Day On Pinterest

I have been pinning for over 10 years now and working on some accounts that receive huge levels of outbound clicks everyday. I’m also part of a few Pinterest Facebook groups and the question that gets asked time and time again is, how many pins should you pin a day on Pinterest?

As you can imagine, the answer that people share is WILDLY different. Some people say you should never share more than 3 a day, whilst some are sharing in excess of 50 pins.

The answer you might not want to hear here is, there isn’t actually a magic number that is suitable for every account on Pinterest, and this is why you need to know what you’re doing when you’re building a Pinterest account from scratch. Because of this, the amount of pins you should pin a day on Pinterest could range between 3-25 pins a day.

I’m sharing everything I know about how many pins you should pin a day, along with guidelines for new and more established Pinterest accounts.

How Many Pins Should You Pin A Day On Pinterest?

Firstly, before we kick things off, Pinterest does not have a set of guidelines to follow for the best practice of how many pins to share. Because of this, it is self learning through actual Pinterest work that you can start to see what does work really well, and what really doesn’t.

There is a lot of speculation that 50 is the limit on pins each day. Now, I am part of a content creator group with direct Pinterest manager access and have found absolutely 0 evidence that this is legitimate. I also know of some accounts with huge success on Pinterest sharing 70 pins a day, so this is just another myth that people have chosen to pass down and believe. If it’s not in the Pinterest guidebook, it’s not correct.

However, the only things Pinterest mention which are worth remembering if you ever get near the limits…

  • There is a limit to the total number of pins on your entire account (not a daily limit). 200,000 Pins, including Pins on secret boards and Pins on group boards for personal accounts.

So, we know there is technically no limit and we can pin to our hearts content, but you really have to be following your own personal guidelines on how many pins to pin a day when you are building your account. Why?

If you setup a brand new account and start sharing 30 pins a day straight off the bat, you’re probably going to be marked as spam by Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t know who you are as an account, the types of content you post yet and if you are trustworthy.

Pinning consistently is incredibly important no matter the age of the account, but you have to stagger the amount of pins daily to start growing sustainably.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the total amount of pins a day includes both fresh pins (ones you create) and any pins that you are re-pinning.

Now, that’s covered, these are my personal recommendations based on my experience that I would suggest for accounts at different stages of their age.

Brand New Accounts: Pinterest knows nothing about your account at this stage, and they need to learn fast. I would recommend pinning between 3-5 pieces of fresh content per day. Some recommend 1 piece a day, now that’s fine if you’re not serious about growth. Multiply that over a month and you’re going to be seriously behind scaling compared to pinning 3 a day.

Established Accounts: Now, at this stage, the amount you can physically pin a day might be restricted by how much content and imagery you actually have. For more established accounts that are wanting to grow rapidly, you should be pinning between 10-25 pins per day.

You might be thinking, how on earth can I do all that at once? Schedule! I do not use any third party scheduling apps as I have always felt they limit performance. I use the in-house Pinterest scheduler which allows you to schedule 100 pins at a time.

At every stage, I would always recommend pinning a certain amount before going to the next rung. I wouldn’t pin 3 a day and then when I’m starting to get traction do 25 pins in one day.

Build it up in increments so you can ensure that your content will not be marked as spam and run a risk of generating 0 impressions on every pin. This is what we need to avoid. But build it up slowly and this strategy works. We have scaled this on numerous accounts now and it really does work in growing your account on all levels.

Pinterest is most certainly about consistency, but quality also matters. Ideally, you want to nail both of these if you want to generate a lot of success without having to wait months and years to achieve it.

Creating fresh pins and plenty of them in a scaled way is the best way to grow on Pinterest in 2024. If you need further help with Pinterest marketing, please drop me an email, I’m always happy to chat Pinterest!