The George Inn Website Refresh

16th January 2021

Last year, The George Inn came to us looking for a website refresh. Why? They felt their current website was tired, not fully responsive, and needed an update across the board in terms of imagery. They were previously using stock images of food, whilst trying to sell their own delicious food dishes… With the implementation […]

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Meet Nicole – Bagel Digital

8th June 2020

Meet Nicole, founder and owner of Bagel Digital. Bagel digital has been something of an idea and a dream for a very long time. They say that there’s never a right time to do anything, so here goes! I think it’s important to know the person behind the business so you can connect and get […]

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Why Bagels?

5th June 2020

Welcome to Bagel Digital! You might be sat there thinking, bagels, huh? So, you’ve just picked your favourite food and then made it into a business name. Whilst it is absolutely 100% true that I’m very partial to a bagel, (I am a millennial, OK), there really is more behind the meaning of bagels. When […]

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