How To Use Pinterest Predicts To Create Viral Pins

Pinterest Trends is one of my favourite FREE tools on Pinterest which tells us what is trending now, and gives us that opportunity to be reactive and jump onto trending topics that could potentially help our pins to go viral. It’s a similar thing to Google Trends, but what about something that actually predicts the future searches on Pinterest?

Pinterest predicts is something that surprisingly a lot of users don’t know about. But it will absolutely alter how you plan marketing campaigns, shape your content and give you plenty of amazing ideas to create pins that may actually go viral. Sound good? Keep reading!

What Is Pinterest Predicts?

Pinterest Predicts is a not yet trending report of the top searches on Pinterest. This uses data to predict what the hottest trends will be for the following year. They are usually released towards the Autumn, with predictions set for the following year and beyond. More times than not, Pinterest get these predictions spot on, after all, they are using their current data to analyse and create models to predict what trends are going to take off.

Words from Pinterest to support how spot on their predictions are…

“People use Pinterest to plan for the future. This means that we know what’s next. In fact, 8 out of 10 of our predictions for 2021 came true.¹ This isn’t another year-end trend report. This is a not-yet-trending report—a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it.² Let’s look forward to 2022”.

How To Use Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest predicts doesn’t update on a weekly basis like Pinterest Trends. The trends they predict towards the end of the year are then visible to the public until they update them again, this is updated annually so you don’t have to be as reactive as you do with the current trending searches.

However, for me, it pays to be reactive. If you have a Pinterest business account you will regularly receive invites to their webinars (which are all great, by the way) and one of those invites will be for Pinterest predicts which will usually hit your inbox during the autumn. In this webinar session this is the absolute first time they are releasing the predictions to the public. If you can attend this webinar online, you are already one step ahead of so many other brands, and users.

This webinar session goes through every prediction, as well as telling us how we can use the trend for our brand, whether it’s a skincare or home brand. Pinterest makes it easy to relate their predictions to businesses, and how we can create content for them and jump on the height of the traffic too.

pinterest predicts

After the session and indefinitely until the following year you’ll be able to view all the trends on Pinterest Predicts and easily refer back to each idea for more information when you need to do so. There is also ideas from content creators who have already tried their hand at creating content for the trends too.

You can filter trends by audience and category too so you can pick out what trends are highly relevant to you, and your business.

pinterest predicts

Next Steps

My best advice is to attend the webinar at the end of the year so you gain information on their predicts early doors. As we know from Pinterest, pins can take a while to start getting traction. Because of this, you should start creating pins relating to the trends as SOON as possible. This will ensure that your posts are already ranking and near that elusive top position, by the time the height of those trends takes place.

I trialled this on my personal Pinterest account with the trend Barkitecture. I wrote a blog which now ranks on page 1, and it’s one of my top performing pins for outbound clicks.

It pays to be reactive.

Remember that pinners plan, and so should you. Take note of all the trends and work out how, and if you can incorporate them into your branding campaigns and future content. This should help you plan your content as much as google and TikTok trends.

Come on, it’s time to get planning and be creative with your Pinterest content. Do take a look at our Pinterest Management Packages if you’re interested in our Pinterest services and taking your pinning strategy to the next step. Happy pinning!