SEO For E-commerce Brands – The Key to Unlocking Online Potential

SEO remains one of the most powerful tools to growing online as a business. At Bagel Digital, we provide SEO Devon services and in the surrounding areas, we have 10+ years experience in SEO, and no year is the same, but the grounding fundamentals of getting SEO to work for businesses does.

Why SEO? SEO is often one of the last ‘marketing’ segments considered by businesses, it’s often shrouded in mystery and something you can’t see immediately, unlike the likes that quickly, or slowly stack up on an Instagram post….

Because of this lack of visibility and understanding, it’s usually the thing that’s left last. But SEO is the one thing that will keep your competitors ahead of you, and it’s those that engage in SEO that win in the long term.

SEO or search engine optimisation is a process of optimising a website on a number of factors that will help your website to gain authority, increase your ranking and visibility over time. This results in more traffic which hopefully converts to sales and leads, the end goal.

SEO is important because without it, you’re never going to rank for the specific keywords people use to find businesses like YOURS, and the longer you don’t engage in it, you’re leaving money on the table for your competitors who are continually taking that pay cheque each month. Now, when you put it like that, that doesn’t sound too good.

So, how do we help rank your websites for the keywords that matter?

Firstly, we break our SEO strategy down into four clear, and concise steps;

  1. Technical SEO – getting the foundations of your website right is key. There’s no point sending fresh traffic to your site if it isn’t already setup for success. This includes things such as fixing broken links, optimising and adding internal links, improving website navigation (architecture) and removing thin content, or optimising this content. These are just a few areas of technical SEO that we focus on.
  2. Keyword Research – keyword research is at the heart of any content you write for search. Targeting keywords that are actually specific to your business is key, and finding low competition keywords that are going to be easy to rank for in the early days of your SEO journey. Targeting high competition keywords is a poor use of time at inception, as your website will have a low domain authority and you need to show Google that you are an authority in your field. This will be developed during the content creation and link building phase.
  3. Content Creation – gaining topical authority and providing strong internal links during this process is one of the main reasons ‘blogs’ hold such importance on a website. You want to write content that supports your main target categories, but also develops topical authority over time, whilst demonstrating E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust) to Google. Content creation also involves using those target keywords on pages, category descriptions and in product descriptions.
  4. Link Building – writing great content isn’t just about winning traffic, it’s about winning links too. We are firm believers that writing great content that adds value to Google will naturally attract links over time. However, link building will supersede efforts in the early days, it will boost your domain authority, your rankings and give you more credibility with Google.

Each phase is just as important in helping you to build the organic traffic to your website, and these core fundaments are just the start of the SEO strategies that we provide to our clients in Devon and beyond.

What next? If you’ve had a website sat there for months and it’s attracting no traffic or sales, or perhaps you rely on another form of leads but are conscious you need to diversify? SEO is the one marketing tool that no-one can choose to ignore in the long game of business, and we’d love to chat if this sounds like you.

Drop us an email or call us to discuss your SEO needs, we’ll learn more about your business and what you do, and we’ll explain how we can help you reach your goals online.