Why Bagels?

Welcome to Bagel Digital!

You might be sat there thinking, bagels, huh? So, you’ve just picked your favourite food and then made it into a business name.

Whilst it is absolutely 100% true that I’m very partial to a bagel, (I am a millennial, OK), there really is more behind the meaning of bagels.

When you’re looking at e-commerce and marketing as a whole, there are so many different assets that fall underneath the e-commerce umbrella. Some that work hand in hand with one another and others that are stand alone. Like marmite and cheese, they just GO.

Demonstrating different elements that go into growing the e-commerce machine that is your business, is just the same as the fillings that construct the perfect, juiciest bagel.

Sometimes you might just want a classic BLT – the core elements to get that business going. You might want to add a few extra fillings once your machine is more oiled, you’re reaping results and want to see how much more you can achieve. Or you might also want to just keep it simple with a one filling bagel – which is also a perfect starting place.

Just like a bagel, e-commerce is all about getting the foundations right and solid before building it up into the juiciest, tastiest bagel you’ve just picked up from a street corner in New York because they had a sign that said ‘World’s Best Bagels’. No one likes a soggy, stale bagel. Foundations are everything with e-commerce.

Let’s break the e-commerce bagel down into the e-commerce services that we can offer you at Bagel Digital to construct your dream bagel, that’s pulling in those customers like nobody’s business.

Bagel – You already have your bagel (website) and are raring to go. Let’s start from the bottom up.

Site Audit


Content Writing

CPC – Google Adwords

Social Media Audit/Management/Content Creation

Whilst this makes up the dreamiest e-commerce bagel, you can still try and improve perfection, right? Some additional fillings to be added include, but are not limited to, email marketing, influencer outreach and coaching calls – we can regularly be there for you with strategy to help you employ the work in your own time.

So, hopefully this answers your question, why bagels? Take a look at our full range of services for more information on the full list of e-commerce fillings we offer.

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