Advertising On Pinterest For Christmas Starts Now

It may be the hottest week on record in the UK, but people are already searching for Christmas inspiration 2022. Christmas starts early on Pinterest. As you can see from the below graph taken from Pinterest Trends, Christmas searches start their incline in June, and brands need to be getting ready for the anticipation of the height of those pinners right now.

Pinterest is the #1 platform in the US for inspiration. Pinners arrive open minded, yet they leave decided. The inspirational behaviour that is at the core of Pinterest is what helps make up minds.

The post pandemic world carved out new traditions around Christmas, and with this year fully open again, pinners are wanting to make this one extra special.

Let’s take a look at what Christmas looks like on Pinterest this year and how you and your business can prepare for the height and traffic of searches today.

pinterest Christmas searches

What Does Christmas 2022 Look Like On Pinterest?

2020 and 2021 made us plan and find new ways to personalise and suit our needs. Whilst it was a necessity to adapt to the pandemic, and Christmas’ that weren’t spent with all of our loved ones, the key was that we loved that we could create truly personalised holidays to make the best of a, not so great situation.

New traditions took hold during the pandemic, and statistics from Pinterest show that 60% of people are more likely to now create new holiday traditions. This could be anything from a gift wrapping party, holiday movie night, me-time to cosy nights in.

What does this mean in 2022 on Pinterest?

People are looking forward to getting back out there this Christmas with 1 in 2 holiday shoppers expecting more traditional, big holidays this year, and 82% are expecting more small, mini moments.

Pinterest is the #1 destination for holiday inspiration to create personalised and dynamic Christmas traditions. It helps you visualise, categorise and discover new ideas. This year, people want to do everything bigger and better than ever before.

That could be wanting to become an even better host, how to make the holidays more special and celebrate both big and small occasions throughout. What does this mean for businesses? Even more opportunities to reach pinners during this time, and boost sales.

Pinterest Super Christmas Shoppers

The best thing about advertising on Pinterest is that pinners are ALWAYS shopping. They spend 2 x more than shoppers on other social platforms, and they buy more too, with 85% larger checkouts than peer platforms.

It is one of the most efficient channels and provides the best offline shopping experience. People come to Pinterest open minded, and it’s personalised to pinners habits, and previous saves.

With the new Shopping List feature on Pinterest, pinners can now save their favourite products to a shopping list and pop back when they’re ready to purchase. Those who have saved to a shopping list are 7 times more likely to come back and shop when ready to checkout.

Pinterest are looking to soon roll out a completely in-app shopping experience where you will be able to buy directly on the app, without having to leave. The future is constantly geared towards a personalised, shopping experience and this brings so much potential to brands.

Like I said, pinners start early on their Christmas searches, and they shop early too. 30% of shoppers said they start before October. They’re searching for all types of obscurities too such as ‘artsy aunt gifts’ and ‘relational gifts’. For a brand new business, you’re welcome too. 97% of searches are not branded, or product specific.

Pinners Are Planners – When To Start Advertising

The most important thing to remember is that pinners are planners. So brand campaigns and Christmas related content should start today. Starting early to create those first touch points is key to reaching your ideal shoppers throughout the festive season.

When we think about organic content it can take months to start ranking at the top of searches, whilst posting that content in December won’t benefit you until the following year. It’s key to post at least 2 months before Christmas any Christmas related content that you want to rank for, that’s idea pins, blogs and any other static imagery in the form of pins. Just remember to always employ specific keyword research to ensure you are hitting the right searches, at the right time. You are not going to rank without this.

It pays to show up on Pinterest and catch intent early. Don’t miss out on the captured audience that is looking for a brand like yours.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the game on Pinterest for Christmas and not sure where to start, do get in touch with us. We are a Pinterest first marketing agency based in Plymouth, UK. Happy holidays!